Peggy M. Lewis - Celebrant

Don’t Lose Yourself in the Wedding Details!

Keep that vision of yourself at your radiant best on your wedding day.  Make sure as you go along that you are continuing to provide yourself with optimal nutrition, exercise, sleep and attention to your emotional/spiritual well-being. How to prepare Yourself for Your Wedding: By Peggy M. Lewis, Wedding Celebrant There are lots and lots of articles and books on how to go about planning a wedding.  These offer lists, and timelines, and lots of good hints that can be very useful in this wonderful—and sometimes chaotic—process. All of these can be helpful—but my focus is a little different. Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day.  That radiant, serene beauty and confidence that you envision comes from being at your best—physically, mentally, and spiritually. For most women, that means:
  • Being at, or close to, your ideal weight
  • Being well-nourished, so your body has energy and your skin glows
  • Having a body that is fit and toned through regular exercise
  • Managing stress, so that you can be well rested and mentally at ease
  • Being spiritually balanced;  having your priorities in order.
This is a very big order;  given all the decisions that must be made in planning a wedding, and all the players who must be taken into account and who want to give you advice and opinions! This optimal state can not be created in a week, or even a month!.  It requires paying attention to your well-being for months before the big day. And how on earth can you pay attention to all these things when you are planning a wedding, going to work, managing relationships, and trying to keep everybody happy? Here are some tips to get started:
  1. Start NOW.  Even if you think it is too early, or too late, start now!
  2. Start slowly.  Build small changes into your lifestyle.  Do not set impossible goals (losing 5 pounds every week, exercising 2 hours a day, or meditating for an hour every day when this is not something you have been doing).  Setting the goal too high, and then not reaching it, can too easily lead to frustration and a sense of failure.  Instead, set a small goal every week.  Make it one you know you can do. Then, when that small step is a part of your life, move on to the next step.
  3. Find an understanding “buddy” or a support group that can help you keep focus on your goals, and cheer you on when you falter.
  4. No matter what happens, keep going! If you “slip” for a day, or even several, do not waste time scolding yourself…….just pick yourself up and start again!
For a more personal plan, or information on how you can join a group of brides for online support, please contact me! Peggy M. Lewis,  Wedding Celebrant