Peggy M. Lewis - Celebrant

Funerals & Memorials

Every Life has a Story; and Every Story Deserves to be Told

“I am very grateful to Peggy and the Celebrant Institute for transforming a difficult time for my family into a glorious moment of unity and joy.”
Professor Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Princeton, New Jersey

Ceremony for a Burial at Sea

A funeral or celebration of life ceremony is perhaps the most important kind of ceremony to “get right.” If your loved one is not honored and acknowledged in the ways that are most important to you, you will likely feel that something important has been left unfinished.

I will spend as much time as it takes to speak with all the people that you designate so that I can get a full picture of who your loved one was. Then, I will take that information and create a ceremony that captures that individual’s spirit and honors his or her gifts. It will be, in a word, “real”.

What is a “good" funeral?  It is, in large part, a true celebration of the life that has ended.  It is important to honor the experience of loss, and to offer comfort to the mourners—but most of all, we can focus on what that person gave to the world—-and to those who knew and loved them.

I will make suggestions for readings and rituals to add meaning and spirit to the ceremony, and include as much or as little religious and spiritual material as you wish. And I will give you the ceremony text in advance, so that you can review it and approve it—or ask for as many changes as you might want.

I will officiate with warmth and with respect. Then, after the ceremony, I will give you a beautiful keepsake copy of the entire text.

I officiate funerals and celebrations of life from Clearwater to St Petersburg to Tampa to Sarasota to Naples.

Please contact me at:
727-317-5587 (office) 305-720-1422 (cell)